The structure of the scientific part

Laboratory of Spectrometry and Radiochemistry

One of the main tasks facing the laboratory of spectrometry and radiochemistry is to provide the scientific departments of the reserve with the results of analysis of the samples of environmental objects provided by them for the content of various radionuclides.

Department of Radiation and Environmental Monitoring

Radioecological monitoring of the near zone of the Chernobyl NPP includes monitoring and control of the state of the territory contaminated with radionuclides, obtaining basic information for assessing and forecasting the general radioecological situation.

Department of Ecology of Plant Complexes

The tasks of the department are to study the state of plant communities and species diversity in conditions of radioactive contamination on the territory of the Polesie State Radiation-Ecological Reserve. Carrying out research works and scientific and practical developments in the field of plant radioecology.

Department of fauna ecology

The main areas of research are: control of the epizootic and epidemic situation for parasitic infections and invasions of animals; study of the state of animal populations in conditions of radioactive contamination of the environment; monitoring of the content of radionuclides in organs and tissues of wild animals.

Information support sector

The main tasks facing the sector are: organizing and conducting information and environmental, educational, scientific, educational and educational excursions, creating and further developing the museum of the reserve; organization of linguistic support for the preparation and implementation of visits and meetings within the framework of seminars, conferences, scientific, educational and educational excursions.