Territory protection

A set of measures aimed at protecting the territory from unauthorized entry of citizens, vehicles, and suppressing poaching is carried out by the security sector, organized since 2002, with a staff of more than 20 people.

The main measures for the protection of the territory of the Polesie State Radiation and Environmental Reserve are the functioning of the system of checkpoints, auto patrolling, air patrolling and water patrolling.

To ensure the checkpoint regime, there are 8 stationary checkpoints located on the main roads.

Water and auto patrolling of the territory

In round-the-clock mode, auto patrolling is conducted on the territory of three administrative districts, with a total length of routes over 1265 km. Carrying out water raids on the Pripyat River and its tributaries makes it possible to control the unauthorized presence of citizens in hard-to-reach places of the territory, including in the "deep" zone.

Security and security measures on the territory of the reserve are carried out in close cooperation with employees of the Administration of the zones of resettlement and exclusion of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, special police units for the protection of radioactive contamination areas of the Khoiniki, Bragin and Narovlyansky District Internal Affairs Directorates, the State Inspection for the Protection of Fauna and Flora under the President of the Republic of Belarus, Gomel frontier group of the State Committee of Frontier Troops by other interested departments.